Rules of conduct

I. General

  • Participants have to use their correct full name (given name, surname) and affiliation when logging in to the live video sessions or when posting questions and comments in offline discussions; nicknames are not allowed.
  • Authors are asked during the abstract submission process whether or not they agree to their live presentation being recorded; in case they agree, they accept that the meeting organizers will provide a link to a video of their presentation to all registered participants.
  • Participants taking part actively in discussions during live video sessions will also be included in the recorded videos which are provided to all registered participants, either by voice only or by voice and picture (depending on the state of their webcam); if participants do not agree to being recorded, they have to clearly state this when starting to speak; in this case, their appearance in the video will be cut out by the meeting organizers.
  • For further information about GFZ`s Privacy Declaration see also

II. Protection of copyright

  • It is prohibited to make own recordings of the Zoom meetings.
  • It is prohibited to take screenshots, photos or videos of any scientific material shown in the live video sessions.
  • It is prohibited to share the links to the live video sessions and the recorded videos of these sessions as well as the links to the uploaded presentation materials of both live and offline displays with other persons.
  • It is prohibited to distribute the recorded videos or uploaded presentation materials to other persons.

III. Contributions of participants

The following rules apply with regard to participant contributions. By submitting an abstract, the authors certify that they have read and agreed to the following terms.

1. Abstracts

  • The authors are authorized by their co-authors to enter into these arrangements.
  • The work does not contain content that is unlawful, is abusive, or constitutes a breach of contract, confidence, or commitment given to secrecy.
  • The authors affirm that they secured the right to reproduce any material that has already been published or copyrighted elsewhere.
  • They agree to the license and copyright agreement below.

2. Author's certification

  • They agree to the licence and copyright agreement below.
  • Authors grant any third party the right to use the abstract freely as long as its original authors and citation details are identified.
  • The abstract is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported License.