General information

The meeting will be held as an online meeting.

Session format

The meeting will consist of live video sessions and offline discussions of uploaded presentation materials.

Live video sessions

  • These sessions will be organized as Zoom online meetings.
  • Links to these sessions will be provided at the meeting website for registered participants only.
  • Please note that a Zoom account is required to get access to the Zoom meetings.
  • There will be morning (e.g. 09:00–11:00 CET) and afternoon sessions (e.g. 17:00–19:00 CET).
  • Morning sessions are mainly intended for participants of from Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe.
  • Afternoon sessions are mainly intended for participants from America, Africa and Europe.
  • The sessions will be recorded by the organizers and links to these videos will be provided for registered participants only.

Offline discussions

  • After presentation materials have been uploaded by the authors, interested users can submit comments and questions and start discussions with the authors via text boxes.
  • Access to uploaded presentation materials and the possibility of discussion are restricted to registered participants only.
  • Offline discussions are not limited to the actual week of the GSTM2020, but are enabled from about 3 weeks before and 4 weeks after the meeting (see “important dates”).

Presentation types

Instead of distinguishing between oral and poster presentations, the presentation options are “live displays” and “offline displays”. During abstract submission authors can select between these two display types as well as the preferred display time (morning/afternoon, in case of live displays only).

Live displays

  • Live displays are part of a live video session.
  • Authors are not obliged, but are highly encouraged to upload their presentation materials to the meeting website in advance to allow others (registered participants only) to have a look at their content beforehand.
  • In case authors upload their presentation materials, the same discussion tools as described above for “offline discussions” are enabled; session chairs may also bring up comments and questions gathered beforehand to stimulate discussions during the video sessions.
  • Authors can indicate during abstract submission whether or not they agree to their live presentation being recorded; if they disagree, the organizers will pause the recording of the Zoom meeting during the corresponding time slot.
  • Depending on the total number of abstracts with live display request and the available time slots in the live video sessions, the program committee can convert live displays to offline displays during session implementation.

Offline displays

  • Offline displays are meant to be presented and discussed during the “offline discussion” session format only.
  • It is thus mandatory that authors upload their presentation materials to the meeting website in advance.